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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Last Friday my cousin Shelley came over with her two boys Kasen and Aidan. Kenzie and I had made sugar cookies the day before, and we attempted to decorate them with 2- two year olds. Kenzie did really great and loved it, she was even able to frost her own cookies. Ashley and Kasen were a little confused about this new game. Kasen just wanted to eat the cookies, and candy, and Ashley would put candy on her cookie after I frosted it just to pull it off and eat the candy and lick the frosting. I think she thought the frosting was for dipping the candy. She loves to dip anything. That's how I get her to eat her meals a lot. It was great to have Shelley and her boys here for an afternoon and to let the kids play. It's nice to be close to her and her family and for our kids to be able to know each other.

Happy Birthday to me.

My birthday was Jan 6Th. It was a long but good day. Kenzie's fever was finally starting to break, and She was feeling a little better. That night Blake decided to take me out to dinner at Red Lobster. We debated whether to go or not because of Kenzie, but went anyways. I got a lobster from the tank. The girls picked it. It was 3 lbs!!! I shared with the girls and they both decided that they like lobster. Ashley got a paper cut from her menu color page and had to get a band aid from the waitress (paper cuts sure can bleed!). Then she wanted a picture of her band aid. When we got home I opened my presents. I got a Tupperware drawer tower from Blake and the girls, and Mario cart and an extra pink wheel for the girls for our Wii from my parents. Kenzie went to bed with a fever again that night. She's getting better though.


A few posts ago, I did a lot of complaining about our new house. I was really tired and stressed that day and needed to vent. Our house isn't that bad. Once we got it cleaned and a few things fixed, it's been great. We have an extra bedroom in the basement that has been great to have as a play room. We also have a 2ND bathroom (1/2 bath, but still a 2ND toilet). It's 3 levels and about double the size of our apartment in Rexburg. We really like it. We're hoping to find a house of our own in the next few months and be able to buy while the market is still so good for buyers.

All grown up

Well I finally gave in and gave Ashley her first haircut. She's so wiggly, I was nervous about cutting her bangs, but she looked like a shaggy dog with them hanging in her face. I trimmed the bangs, and took about 3 inches off the back. Now that her hair is cut, I think that she lost her baby face. She looks like a little lady now. What do you think? Also anyone have any ideas on what to do with straight hair? Kenzie's and mine are very naturally curly, so I'm at a loss at what to do. Using a curling iron is a new adventure for me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a Month!!!

Well, we it's been quite a month! We started it by moving from Rexburg to Salt Lake on Dec 2ND, which wouldn't have been too big of a deal because I was very ready for this move, but the day before we moved we had to take Kenzie into the doctors with breathing problems. Come to find out she had Pneumonia. 4 days after we moved in, we had to back to Idaho to take Ashley to the doctors with the same symptoms. We didn't have our new insurance in Utah yet so we had to take her to her old doctor in Idaho. To make that week worse, before we moved in we were told that our new home would be professionally cleaned before we moved in. It wasn't. It took Blake and I 4 hours to clean the kitchen just so we could put our dishes away. We spent a few more hours cleaning bathrooms so I felt safe letting my kids use them. There was also a lot of damage from the people before us. They had tried to fix some stuff but it was a half-hearted effort. They had repainted the whole place, but besides the walls, they also painted the carpet, the towel racks, the toilet paper holders, and the mirrors. They also put down new linoleum, which was ripped at about every cabinet corner, and a big rip under the dishwasher. Oh, and don't get me started on the dishwasher! But we're still getting things cleaned and trying to get fixed what we can.

New Years Eve Kenzie started complaining of a stomach ache, News Year's Day she started a fever, by this morning it peaked at 105.2. That scared me to death! She's only been over 103 twice before when she was having kidney problems, we took her to the doctors again this morning, and guess what she's having kidney problems again. I wish we could figure out why this keeps happening to her.