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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lessons to learn from

So the other day I thought I had a great idea to let the girls paint their pumpkins instead of carving them. It was a great idea to start with, but then I had to go to the bathroom and left them alone for a minute when I came back this is what I found.

This was the end result.

This was the clean up.


Well, now that I'm not so stressed about getting the bills paid and Blake getting a job I have a little bit of free time to catch up a little bit. Until I have to start packing and cleaning to move next week. For Halloween this year, I decided to make the girls costumes (well I bought their black pants and shirts, but made their tails and ears). I was going to put whiskers on them but thought smears wouldn't look so good on them. They decided that they wanted to be cats. They constantly are pretending that they're cats so they wanted to dress like them. The Tuesday before Halloween, we went to a ward party. We had hot dogs, hot chocolate, and then they had a bunch of carnival games for the kids. The girls loved it. The did a cake walk, a fishing pond, got their faces painted, and had a bean-bag toss. It was a lot of fun and inside a ward members farming garage, so it was warm. For Halloween we took the girls to my parents house to go trick or treating. I think that it was the warmest Halloween night I can remember since I've lived in Idaho. We were out in our short sleeve shirts. It was really nice. Kenzie was more interested in getting compliments than candy. She'd knock on the door say "Trick or treat, don't I look cute in my kitty costume?" She did this at almost every house. Ashley didn't understand that she had to knock on the door and wait for someone to answer, she kept knocking and then trying to walk in on her own. It was fun though. We brought home the candy picked a few favorites and tossed the rest.

WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!

What Blake may be dressed as in a few weeks HEHEHEHE!

Well, we finally did it! Blake got a job, and we're moving to Salt Lake City on December 2nd. Blake has been hired by Boeing as the Industrial Hygienist and Safety Specialist. He starts work on December 5th. It has been a long time in waiting, but it has finally happened. It's turned out to be worth the wait because the job is better than we expected. We are so EXCITED!!! We're going to SLC tomorrow to look for a place to live. Hopefully we come back with a new address.