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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, I guess now that we've been in our house for 2 months, it's about time I started posting again. I kept telling myself after I unpack I'll get back into posting, but my garage is still half full of unpacked boxes (most of which need to be stored ie. Christmas stuff, baby stuff, etc.).

Our move was quite the adventure. Blake and I were alone loading the truck most of the day. We had quite a few neighbors around, but they just stood around and watched and talked to us. We finally took a break for lunch at about 1 because the girls were starving and getting cranky because of that. I took the girls to pick up Arby's while Blake kept loading. When we got back, Blake was eating a french dip sandwich when Ashley spilled his au juice and Blake tried to stop her, but unfortunately had a huge mouth full of sandwich at the time and inhaled it. Luckily he swallowed when he inhaled, but unluckily, the food hadn't been chewed too well and lodged in his esophagus just below his wind pipe. He spent the next hour trying to throw up or swallow the lump but wasn't able to, so finally I ended up taking him to Insta Care (because we couldn't find the ER) where they checked him out and then gave us directions to the ER (the ER entrance is 2 blocks away from the main hospital on a back street). We went to the ER and spent the next few hours there. They finally were going to give him an IV with medicine to relax his muscles, and went off to order it. Blake HATES needles, they make him pale and sick when he even see them. But before they got back with the IV Blake was finally able to throw up the mess that had been stuck. I think that them threatening him with a needle is what finally got him to give it up, but he disagrees. So after them making him drink some fluid, they sent him home. I just need to mention that the whole ER trip we had the girls with us. They were so good!!! Kenzie was given a picture to color and sat the whole time in the waiting room chair outside Blake's door coloring the picture for her daddy. Ashley who usually would have been all over the place, split her time between coloring with Kenzie and sitting on my lap in Blake's room asking when daddy would be OK again. (I had decided that if Blake had an IV I was going to call Blake's sister Marta and see if she could come get the girls, but I was literally looking for her number when Blake started screaming he had done it.

So by the time we got back to the town house, it was time for the girls and I to go to the new house so our fridge could be delivered that night (it never showed up, and when I called upset, they said it wasn't even on the schedule till Monday, I lost my temper a little at this point because I was so tired and upset by everything that had happened that day and we had been promised our fridge Friday night because we had food that needed to be kept cold. They finally promised to have it to us first thing Saturday morning. It showed up at 2pm Saturday, but at least it came.) Blake finished packing with the help of his boss Todd and a friend from church that came over after they got off work, and showed up at the house at about 7:30. Unpacking started out as the two of us again, but a neighbor from across the street came and helped, and then our nephew Dave came and then another neighbor came a little while later. Blake was still not feeling well and when it was just the 3 of us at first, we just threw everything into the garage, as our nephew and other neighbor came a few things made it into the house luckily it was the big heave things that needed to go up stairs like dressers, beds, etc. We finally at about 9:30 realized nobody had finished lunch or eaten since Blake's adventure that afternoon, so we finished the last few boxes and ran to Maverik for something quick to eat so the girls could go to bed.

So we've been moving into the house from the garage ever since. We can now fit one vehicle in, but have a ways to go before both will fit. It was such a long day but we made it through. Thank you so much to Todd for calming me on the phone when Blake was in the ER and offering to take the girls to your wife and then finish loading the moving truck for Blake. Thank you to Dave M. for your help and being such a great neighbor that first night and bringing your daughter to entertain the girls while we were unpacking the truck. Thank you to our nephew Dave for coming and bringing your positive attitude and help (and Jennifer for watching their kids so he could come help). And also thank you to Clark and Jenny for coming over to help us unload when you yourselves had just done that less than a week before. We appreciate all the help especially after the day we had had and Blake was really not feeling well from it all. Thank you!

Where do these ideas come from?

I got a bathroom kit a few years ago for Christmas and in it was a sleeping mask. I've never used it, but for some reason never threw it away. Shortly after moving into our new house Ashley came across this mask and her imagination made keeping it worth it.

She calls it her bra, and since finding it is rarely seen with out it. She even gets up in the morning, finds it , puts it on, and then will get dressed with her bra under her clothes. I think this is so funny! How does a 2 year old come up with something like this? Then when I tried to take pictures of her new invention, she got all cute and posing for me, she looks like a model trying to pose. Blake and I still laugh when we see these pictures.