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Friday, August 8, 2008

4th of July Reunion

Over the 4Th of July weekend, we went to the annual Erikson reunion in Star Valley. It was a lot of fun! Ashley had a hard time taking naps while we were there, and one of the days she was very cranky so Blake threw her and Kenzie on his brother Wade's 4-wheeler and drove them around. Ashley fell almost instantly to sleep. She had to be pretty tired, because she's one who will only sleep in her own bed and occasionally in her car seat and she;s usually a light sleeper but Blake said that her head was flopping all over as they hit all the bumps on the dirt roads and she had the wind in her face the whole time. It was so cute, but as soon as Blake came back and stopped she was awake screaming again. This was also the first time that Kenzie went on a 4-wheeler voluntarily. In the past she's been afraid to even get close to one when it was off. She loved it this year and couldn't get enough of the 4-wheelers and Rangers. This year has also been a tough year for some of the Eriksons financially, so we had a silent auction to help raise money for those that needed it most. Each family was to bring something that could be auctioned. I took a bunch of bracelets and hair bows. To my surprise they all sold. YIPEE! It was great! On the last day there, we borrowed, Blakes cousin's Ranger (a kind of 4-wheeler that looks more like a car with side by side seats and seat belts) and went Geocaching with the girls and Blake's sister Jan and her kids Justin and Emily. We made it all the way up the mountain, found the treasure, and then on the way back, Blake tried to show off and got the Ranger stuck in the still remaining snow that was there. It took some dirt, rocks, sticks and a lot of pushing power to get us out. I just had to roll my eyes and keep Ashley calm (she didn't like being stuck). We also slept in a tent this year. We finally out grew Blakes mom's trailer and had to use a tent much to Blakes dismay. The girls thought that it was the best part of the reunion. Over all it was just a great time to visit with family and relax in between chasing the girls all over.

Farewell to Good Friends

Recently, we had our next-door-neighbors, Megan and Devin, move away to Washington state. He had graduated last December, and got a job with Microsoft, so off they went. It was a sad day, but exciting for them to be able to move on and start Devin's career. Megan and I kept each other sane and laughing, especially when we had kids trying to sell magazines door-to-door. They have a little girl Emily who's just over a year and my girls love her. We watched Emily once so her parents could have a date night, and Kenzie and Ashley wouldn't leave her alone. They had to show her every toy they own, they tried to feed her, hold her, and just love her to death. She was a good sport though and put up with quite a bit from them before running to be picked up and saved. It was fun though, she's a cute girl, we miss her and her parents a lot!