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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Winter Olympics

Kenzie's gymnastics class had a winter olympics last Saturday. Kenzie was able to show us all teh things that she's learned over the last 8 months. She was also thrilled that her grandpa (my dad) was able to come and watch along with her dad whose usually at school when she has her "dance". Her favorite part was the giant foam pit that they practice their jumps into off of the trampoline. Her most improved skill is the balance beam. When she started she was afraid to do it and wouldn't let her teacher let go of her, now she even goes on the high beam by herself. It's been amazing the improvement in her balance and in her hand-eye cordination since she started gymnastics last year. At the end she was given a metal for showing what she could do.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Egg-cellent Work!

Kenzie and Ashley had our neighbors (Leah 5, Anavey 3, Corilyn 2, Ryker 6 months, and mom Stacie)over yesterday to have a egg coloring party. It was quite the party! Kenzie spilled the yellow dye all over the floor and still has yellow bum cheeks. Ashley kept trying to drink the colors saying "juice!" She would put an egg in a color, use the spoon to try to drink the color, and take the egg out with her hand and taste the colored egg's shell. Corilyn was too interested in the toys to color any eggs. We had tattoos that were intended to stick to the eggs after they were colored but they wouldn't stick, so they became tattooed on the girls faces and hands.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lindquist's Visit

In January we had the opportunity to have my cousin Shelley and her husband Mikah and son Kasen come visit us when they came to go through the Rexburg temple open house. It was great to see them and to let the kids play together. Kasen and Ashley are only 10 days apart. Kasen and Kenzie played really well together, but Ashley and Kasen had a rougher time getting along. I'm hoping that as the kids get older they'll be good friends like Shelley and I were growing up and still are.

Meet Our Girls

Well, Here they are. McKenzie Lynne is 3 1/2 now and if you ask her what her name is she'll say Kenzie McLynne. We're working on it, but She thinks that she's funny so it's been a hard habit to break. She's in gymnastics (she calls it her dance class) and loves it. It's also been really good for her balance and hand-eye cordination. She's starting to write her name and recognizes the letter of her name in other words. She loves to look through her books and find all the "K". Then she'll tell you how many of her "K's" Horton took.

Ashley Jae is 17 months now and her goal in life is to climb anything attached to the floor (ie cubbards, counters, chairs, entertainment center, crib from the outside, table). She also loves books. She can't be read to long enough each day. She also pulls the funniest faces. So in light of those two things I give you a picture of both. We've also discovered that Ashley is a lactose addict. She's like people that drink coffee. She wakes up in the morning screaming and cranky until she's had at least one sippy of milk, then she smiles and goes about her day.